Essay on The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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Based on a television documentary, Lincoln, A&E Networks provides readers with an in-depth summary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This online article goes along with the documentary to give details as to what happened the night of Lincoln's assassination. Although this article is not based on a conspiracy theory, it was a good starting point to find out more about the assassination. I began my research by analyzing the proven facts that pertain to the assassination plot. These facts provided me with a general knowledge of dates, times and important figures that were involved with this historic assassination. I then was able to create a timeline by analyzing the chronological order of this article. This article provided me with …show more content…
Thus, creating a grand conspiracy regarding the former president’s death. Chiniquy also goes to great lengths to prove that priests in a small Catholic village not far from Washington D.C. knew of Lincoln's assassination days before it happened. He accomplishes this by utilizing primary source telegraph messages regarding this information. By also utilizing dialogue between himself and Lincoln, Chiniquy manages to paint a vivid picture of the mind of Abraham Lincoln. Written from his own personal experiences with the former president, Chiniquy defends a valid conspiracy theory.
Based on the examination of Abraham Lincoln's religious tendencies, this article explains and provides a timeline of the religious life of Lincoln. From the beginning of Abraham Lincoln's career in politics, he never claimed to specific religion. Some considered him the "village atheist" and thought that he didn't believe in God at all. He became the only U.S. president that was not a member of a specified church. Soon, it was discovered that he did believe in God, and that he reads the bible daily, but just did not believe in attending church. Although, after the death of his son, he began attending a Presbyterian church, but never officially joined the church. One conspiracy theory surrounding Lincoln's assassination is that Booth was hired by the Church of Rome. After studying this article, it is possible that this conspiracy may be true. The information from this article can be

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