The Art of War by Sun Tzu Essay

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War has been an aspect of life ever since the earliest civilizations. Whether it be for self-gain, defending your nation or others reasons, it cannot not be avoided in this conflicted world. When that time approaches every military leader must know how to conduct himself with the most efficiency. A leader must have this knowledge so he can lead his troops in a fashion that points towards victory. The critically acclaimed novel, The Art of War, is considered one of the greatest books on military strategy by many, and was written by Sun Tzu, a man who was given the title of one of the greatest military leaders by other military figures, and even though it may be difficult to understand at times, is still a very enjoyable read for anyone …show more content…
76) In other words, know your enemies weak and strong points so that you can exploit them. The concept of tactical dispositions is a theory that Tzu strongly believed in. He stated in his book that "To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself." (Pg.56) Tzu is basically saying that a person's victory or defeat is in their own hands. Whether or not one chooses to strive for victory is a choice. The last major theory that Sun Tzu believes is the best way to winning every war is sabotage. He points out that the key factor is hitting where it hurts the most, the homeland. The best way to carry out this theory is to send spies into the enemy's country and terrorize farmland and industry. In some cases Tzu speaks of kidnapping the others generals family as well. As Sun Tzu began to write The Art of War he divided the book into thirteen chapters describing the different ways of combat. The chapters are arranged into four larger categories; planning for war, waging war, understanding the terrain, and

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