The Arab Spring Essay

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Democracy- hungry Tunisians began the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and clashes in protest of ill treatment and corruption, beginning a revolutionary wave of protests known as the Arab Spring. The severity of repression in Tunisia was the underlying cause of the Arab spring. Self-immolation, and mass protests mobilized resulted in the overthrow of regime. Major governmental changes and swift reforms were made. The transition to democracy began. Tunisian protests had influenced other countries (with the same major goal of ousting authoritarian regime) and spread to the rest of Arab world through media.

Demonstrations in Tunisia were preceded by repression: high unemployment, food inflation, corruption, lack of freedom of
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On December 18, 2010, street vendor Mohammad Bouazizi self-immolated himself in protest against police brutality. He had his stall confiscated, was arrested, and humiliated by officers. Bouazizi is considered a martyr by the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP). Following Bouazizi's death, a wave of unrest struck all of Tunisia; mass demonstrations, revolts and revolution took place. The situation was disastrous: widespread death and injuries of 300+ Tunisians, most the result of actions by police and security forces against demonstrators. Demonstrators demand better living conditions and a stop to police brutality and corruption. The floodgates of endurance have broken; people cannot hold their anger inside. Repressive governments probably will not change unless masses collectively rise. The series of protests resulted in freedoms gained by the people. President Ben Ali was ousted and Prime Minister Ghannouchi stepped down. Ben Ali fled into exile in Saudi Arabia. 23 years of repressive ruling had finally ended. The government was overthrown and the people were promised "total freedom.” Political police and the former ruling party were dissolved, and political prisoners were freed. The freedom to assemble, demonstrate, and report events in news media were restored. Although major changes were made, they were merely the stepping stone to achieving democracy

Tunisian’s have enhanced expectations from their

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