The Americanized Gospel Essay

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America so often aligns itself with that of a Godly nation; hence the nations’ founding fathers were ‘Christian’. Broadly speaking, this ‘Christianity’ America ties itself to is nothing more than a man-made religious activity that has lost its foundation. According to statistics from the Federal Government, 78% of Americans have a belief in God and claim to be “Christians”; yet Christians currently have less influence than any other time in this nations’ history. Since the majority of Americans profess Christ as their Lord and Savior, the all-powerful God, creator of heaven and earth, who is above all, in all, and through all, where is the evidence of Him? The Gospel from the Bible has been ripped out and roughly applied to the American …show more content…
It’s funny how far from the truth all this propaganda is thought. A large majority of America’s founding fathers often reverend and referred to as “great” and “faithful” men who founded this nation were only Christians in name. Dressing up as Indians and looting a ship full of supplies isn’t Christ-like. Acting as a rebel for something as minor as taxation is no good reason to start a war…none the less, Americas’ founding fathers were good men of Godly character. In fact, two of the nations’ beloved fathers– Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were both deists and openly denied Jesus as means for salvation (Corfe, 66).
If someone is referring to ‘Christian heritage’, in America, the colonial period is the closest time to Christian/Biblical foundation there has ever been in America. Among the first to colonize in America, the Puritans gained a firm foundation in the New World. Dominate in the New England region for generations, the influence the Puritans abstained left a lasting impact. The Puritans’ fiery preaching, holy lifestyle, and firm foundation laid on The solid rock of God demand re-discovery and re-application to this nation madly chasing after worldly ambition. The goal of the Puritans was to model their colonies so that every aspect of their life reflected God and brought honor unto Him. The great emphasis on necessity to know Scripture helped this society become one of the most learned places of its day. Faith

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