The American Dream in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

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Everyone has their own definition of an American Dream. Some people think the American Dream involves wealth and fame, while others refer to it as happiness and freedom. Lorriane Hansberry proves that the American Dream is obtainable for everyone. In, A Raisin in the Sun, Hansberry explains the American Dream with distinctive characters, a well-rounded theme, and specific symbols. Hansberry uses unique characters to describe the American Dream. Every character has a different view on the American Dream. The most nurturing character in the play is Lena “Mama” Younger. Mama is a strong-minded determined woman. Hansberry says, “She has, we can see, wit and faith of a kind that keep her eyes lit and full of interest and expectancy” …show more content…
She embraces the forging culture by being the only female undertaking a medical degree. Hansberry shows the struggles Beneatha has to face in the American culture with her sex and major choice in college. Walter Lee is the son of Lena Younger. Walker is determined to become very wealthy and he will “have nothing less than the complete American dream” (Washington 114). He wants to use his father’s insurance money to open a liquor store. He thinks that becoming wealthy will give him some sort of escape from his daily routine in his life. This causes many problems between Mama, Beneatha, and his wife, Ruth. Far from being a great listener, Walter does not realize he must listen to his family’s concerns to help them out with their problems. Towards the end of the play, he realizes he can not help his family out alone. He finally becomes a man and stands up to Mr. Lindner. He refuses the money Mr. Lindner offers his family to not move into the new neighborhood. Therefore, Walter’s American dream is no longer to become wealthy, but to become a man and help his family out. The last key character is Ruth Younger. Ruth is the wife of Walter Lee. She is an extremely attractive woman who is hard working and family oriented. Although she might seem happy, she is disappointed in her life. Her marriage has problems, but she hopes that they can rekindle their love. With her family constantly fighting troubles and poverty, her American dream is to get a better life for

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