Essay on The American Civil War

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The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history. It had terrible losses and almost completely ruined the South, but there were some good things that came out of the war. Medicine has never been as important as it was during this time. Because of this, medicine was innovated like never before.
One of the amazing innovations during the war is doctors started using life saving amputation. Many soldiers did not die of their wounds, but instead the diseases they caught in the open and poorly treated wounds in their body. Battlefield doctors during the Civil War became very skilled at removing injured limbs. Some doctors were able to take off a limb successfully in under 7 minutes, which saved patients from a lot of blood loss. This
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So when Union doctors knocked out their patients 80,000 times during the war the Confederacy treated nearly as many less than half the supplies.
During the beginning of the Civil War a chest wound was a death sentence. Only 8 percent of soldiers with chest wounds survived. Benjamin Howard a lowly assistant surgeon thought there had to be some way to save the victims of chest wounds. Howard realized that the reason all these people were dying was not because of the wound, but because of the negative pressure in the chest causing the lungs to collapse. So the amateur surgeon found that if he could close the chest wounds with metal sutures followed by linen bandages, and a few drops of collodion, a substance that forms an adhesive film when dried. The survival rates were quadrupled, and soon every doctor was following in his foot steps.
One of the things that was invented during the Civil War that did not directly affect the health of the patient, but instead the looks of them was facial reconstruction. In the beginning the doctors used dental and facial fixtures to hold the patient's face until it was back to a semi original state. The doctor who invented this was Gurdon Buck. Dr. Buck is now considered the father of modern plastic surgery. During the Civil War 32 revolutionary plastic operations were completed. Buck was the first to photograph before and after photos

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