The Affordable Care Act Essay

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The United States of America is a very socially diverse nation with inhabitants ranging from the wealthiest in the world to near third world-like living conditions. In an essay titled, America’s Shameful Poverty Stats, Sasha Abramsky sheds light on some statistics like, “15 percent of people in America live at or below the poverty line” (Abramsky, Sasha 1). In America many citizens are poverty stricken and left uncovered from a healthcare standpoint, which is why a universal healthcare plan like The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) would greatly benefit America. Universal healthcare, for the most part, refers to a healthcare system in which the government provides medical care and financial solutions for all of that particular nation’s …show more content…
Millions of Americans don’t have any health coverage and in 2010, a whopping “49.9 million (16.3 percent)” (Smith, Emily 1) Americans in fact. According to Emily Smith, a writer from CNN, “15.4 percent of children living in poverty are uninsured . . . 9.8 percent of all children in America are uninsured.” (Smith, Emily 1). With the new healthcare laws it is now mandatory have health insurance or you can be fined; “In 2014 citizens who do not buy insurance will be penalized $95 and up to 1 percent in income.” (Smith, Emily 1). Affordable healthcare should be offered in America because not only do millions not have healthcare but simply cannot afford it as of now. Social classes in America collide with differing stances and views and opinions on most everything that is debatable regarding social class in some way. The Affordable Care Act is disliked by the members of the upper and middles classes because many think that current taxes will just be met with increased taxation, but this is not really the case. Each year in America millions of dollars in unpaid medical debts are paid in taxes by the nation’s citizens. The reason most of these medical debts were created in the first place was because the patient(s) did not have health insurance. If all Americans had health insurance then taxes would raise but at the same time fall because taxes paying for unpaid medical debts, for hospital staff wages and earnings, would be no

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