Essay on The Affects Alcohol has on the Brain

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The Affects Alcohol has on the Brain

As many of us may know, alcohol is a very dangerous substance that is highly abused by many people. Many people, such as parents and other grown-ups, affiliate alcohol with young teenagers. The fact of the matter is that more than seventy percent of high school age students don't drink. It is only a rare percentage of students that do in fact drink, and those are the people who make a bad reputation for teenagers. It always seems that the ignorant and uniformed people who believe they know everything always speak the wrong news instead of finding the factual information. Now, after explaining the misperception of people's words and gossip, here are the facts about alcohol and its many serious
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Alcohol is passed through many organs in the human body. After entering through the mouth, alcohol then travels to the stomach, where if there is no food, alcohol absorbed will then immediately enter the bloodstream. After entering the blood stream it then travels to the liver for detoxification, or to break down. If there is no food to help break it down, the alcohol takes a direct flight to the brain. A healthy, sober persons blood can travel through the entire body in 90 seconds, and when alcohol is added it can take as long as 110 seconds. When there is no food in your stomach, and alcohol starts to constantly flow through the stomach you can get drunk much faster opposed to if you had food, mainly because the food digested in your intestines and your stomach absorb the alcohol to make it less affective to the brain. The liver, which also helps break down the alcohol possibly, takes the biggest affect from alcohol. The alcohol passed through the liver causes the lining of the liver, which protects it, to erode, or wear down. Although alcohol has a major affect of all of these organs I mentioned already, the most important organ affected would have to be the brain. The brain, which is the control center of the human body, is highly affected by alcohol consumption. Every 2 glasses of beer consumed kills about 1000 brain cells. This rapid loss of brain cells causes very slow brain activity. After those 2 glasses of beer, the person may feel relaxed

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