Essay on The Advantages of Biobutanol Over Ethanol

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Ethanol has recently come under fire for a variety of reasons. Ethanol uses more energy to be produced that it can yield, it drives up the cost of food crops, and it cannot be shipped efficiently (Hargreaves.) So what can be done about the problems with ethanol? Is there a better option for alternative fuel? Yes, biobutanol is the answer. Biobutanol is butanol that has been created by a biomass fermentation process that is similar to ethanol, but the resulting fuel has a few key advantages. Biobutanol is more feasible fuel source then ethanol, it can make use of existing infrastructure, and biobutanol has been proven to replace gasoline gallon for gallon. Butanol is a four-carbon alcohol that is currently used as a commercial solvent. …show more content…
This means that biobutanol is nearly efficient as gasoline! Another clear advantage of biobutanol is the fuel’s vaporization temperature is higher than both ethanol and gasoline. The vaporization temperature of biobutanol eliminates the need for “special” blends for the summer and winter in warmer parts of the country like California, Nevada, and New Mexico (Hargreaves.) The elimination of special blends lowers the overall cost of fuel, giving biobutanol an advantage as a fuel source over both gasoline and ethanol. Biobutanol is a efficient fuel source since there is only a small change in energy output from gasoline and because of biobutanol’s high vaporization point. Not only is biobutanol efficient, but it also can make use of existing infrastructure. Biobutanol is compatible with a variety of fuel delivery systems that are used for gasoline. Biobutanol can make use of pumps, pipelines, and storage units that are currently in use at gas station across America (DuPont.) This gives biobutanol a huge edge over ethanol. Ethanol cannot make use of most existing infrastructure because of its corrosive nature. This is also why vehicles that use ethanol must be specially modified for use. Biobutanol does not have this problem and as a result biobutanol would cost far less to replace gasoline (ButylFuel, LLC.) The use of existing infrastructure and vehicle technology reduces than cost of switching

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