The Adjusted Lesson Plan Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to explain the reasoning behind the adjustments made from the original lesson plan to the adjusted lesson plan. To make the reasoning clear, literacy will be defined, literacy as a social practice will be discussed, multiple literacy and digital literacy will be briefly covered followed by a critique of the lesson plans. After reviewing the definition of the topics, the lesson adjustments will be reviewed with a justification of why the lesson was adjusted. The implications for the classroom or teacher will also be reviewed before a critique of the lesson is discussed.

Literacy and the many definitions
Literacy is a very difficult topic to define with clarity. Literacy can be seen in
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This theory is supported by Dell Haymes (1962) and Anderson et al. (1980) with their concept of a literacy event (Barton, p. 36). Haymes and Anderson define a literacy event as any time in which a person or a group of people attempt to understand or create graphical depictions (Barton, p. 36). From this definition, examples of different ways in which a person may study literacy may include: watching television, reading, discussing what they read with others, reading a map. While these examples do not appear social, all may involve communication between more than one person, thereby creating the social interaction. From this we can deduce that literacy and the way it is expressed, through language, is in essence a social practice.

Implications of Literacy as a social practice for the classroom and teacher
The implication suggests that a classroom should allow for greater opportunities to be sociable. In other words, having an increased chance to have more and varied social interactions is the real implication of language or literacy as a social practice. Barton is supportive of this idea with the suggestion that learning comes from a social interaction (Barton, p. 51). In addition, Barton suggests that reading and writing can make up part of the social interactions (Barton, p. 49). Then, it falls to the teacher to increase the opportunities for students to share ideas, jointly construct work and discuss their ideas and opinions with different people in

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