The Accuracy of Nowadays Knowledge Essay

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The accuracy of nowadays knowledge Humans society functions mainly based on the common knowledge that most of us agree on. Most of time, people trust the knowledge they currently possess without much doubt. However, sometime the objective facts that we believe in may re-evaluated and redefined by the experience we progressively gained and discovery of new evidence from different perspectives. Hence, the question is raised, does all the knowledge we rely on at the present day credible?
In other word, will all the knowledge we all accepted today still be accepted in the near future or be discarded? A knowledge issue can thus elaborated from the previous questions: To what extent can the present knowledge in the areas of
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Thus, this information would no longer be accepted by human and its new classification will become the truth.
As a matter of fact, the knowledge in natural science that we possess today has been re-evaluated enormous times throughout the history of science and some of them are discarded forever by human. For instance, "the flat Earth" was considered as an affirmatory fact for many ancient cultures. Some Greek philosophers, beginning with Pythagoras, have already started raising the concept of a round
Earth. However, the concept was still remained as a philosophical speculation.
The round Earth is later proven by the expedition of Columbus and that his voyages refuted the belief of flat earth. This misconception was listed by the
Historical Association as the second of 20 in a pamphlet on common errors in history2. This example shows that human reject some of the knowledge in natural science with the progression of increased perspectives. Sense perception and reason are the two major roles that is changing people's perspective in natural science.
While the technology is advancing, human's knowledge gained through sense perception is changing at the same rate. By using the previous example, the difference knowledge accepted by the ancient population and people nowadays is due to the limitation of seeing the world. The statement of that the world is round can easily be agreed by contemporary population by showing them the images taken

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