that special something Essay

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It was not a temporary matter to begin with…
"We believe you are the most qualified assassin for this mission, Anabelle. Twenty-seven year old Laurent Archambault is a precarious target," declared Elisabeth, my manager. Adrenaline rushed through my veins. I perked up in my chair as I heard the intimidating assignment. My stomach used to lurch at the uncomfortable thought of killing someone. Now, it's second nature. With the mission seeming like a lucrative deal, I asked, “What’s your offer?”
"10.5 million, firm," she replied.
"Eleven," I demanded with a fixed glare. She looked at Anthony, the president. He gave her the look.
"Deal." Madeleine, my accomplice, winked at me. I was not expecting them to be that easy to convince, either.
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"Sorry…I was just thinking. It is no problem. You are right. He will be back soon," I lied. I was boiling with rage. I wouldn’t allow myself to turn red as a ripe tomato. I wouldn’t let this go.
"Merci, Camille," said Pierre, rushing away.
"I'm sorry," said the secretary in a sympathetic tone, "I know you two are close with each other…"
"Mhmm," I mumbled back. Leaving the building, I slammed the door.
"Poor Camille," replied the secretary.
Beep. Beep. Beep. The ever so familiar sound of my alarm clock greeted me. I crawled out of bed. I opened my curtains, something I do every morning. This would be a big day. I felt the dread of my job. I would get it done. I had pulled the trigger more than once. Downstairs, I was comforted by the familiar smell of coffee. It had a strong smell of rich, fresh-ground coffee beans. I lived on that energizing, brown, cloudy liquid. A combination of packing and worries kept me up until two. I popped a waffle in the toaster, the sweet, pleasing smell diffusing throughout the kitchen. I was unnerved by the pop of the tasty treat leaping out of the toaster. I ate my breakfast in peace as I thought about the upcoming events. 'How would I kill him? When? Where?' I pondered.
The inevitable moment of my departure was nearing. Now that I was ready to go, I sat down to reflect. These amazing little moments of

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