Thanksgiving Day Essay

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Thanksgiving Day

I stepped out of the chilly November air and into the warmth of my home. The first snowfall of the year had hit early in the morning, and the soft, powdery snow provided entertainment for hours. As I laid my furry mittens and warm hat on the bench to dry, I was immediately greeted with the rich scent of sweet apple pie, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and the twenty-pound turkey my mother was preparing for our Thanksgiving feast.

As I walked into the family room, I could feel the gentle heat of the crackling fire begin to sooth my frostbitten cheeks. I plopped myself down on the sofa. The soft cushions felt like heaven to my muscles, sore from building snowmen, riding sleds, and throwing snowballs from
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From around the corner came the thumps of feet hustling down the stairs, accompanied by the carefree laughter of my younger brother and sister.

We all held hands together as we said grace and gave thanks for all of our gifts and fortunes. I felt the soft hand of my brother and the hard, firm grip of my father in my hands. The spirited conversation consisted of many requests to pass the food, and many breaks to chew the savory meal. The turkey was done to perfection. In fact, everything was done to perfection. The sour cranberry sauce, the fluffy mashed potatoes, the butter corn, the flaky rolls, and the gooey stuffing were all much better than I had ever hoped for.

The dessert was almost as big as the main course and just as yummy. The sweet pumpkin pie, the tart apple pie, and of course, the rich, chocolate ice-cream topped off the amazing meal. I glanced from face to face, privately thanking God for each family member. There were smiles everywhere, from my brother's mischievous grin, to my grandmother's heartwarming smile. I looked around the room at the decorations I had helped my mother put up. Pictures of pumpkins, still up from last

Halloween, hung next to Christmas wreathes and holly. In the center of the table sat an overflowing cornucopia, stuffed with wheat, grain, and all sorts of fruit of the earth.

As I took in all the warmth and happiness of Thanksgiving, I

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