Essay on Test-Oriented or Ability-Oriented

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Test-Oriented or Ability-Oriented

It is known to the world that China has thousands of years of culture, and education is always an important part of carrying on and developing culture in Chinese history. With the changing of time, the content of education and the method of education have changed a lot. And now in the twentieth century, what does education look like in China after thousands of years of development? There are some kinds of problems existing in the current Test-Oriented Education system, and therefore, another more scientific education system, Ability-Oriented, is needed. However, applying another kind of education system should take many factors into consideration, which involve an argument of doing it. This study will
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First, classes are intensive and the workload is high. Most students have to be in class from about 7:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon, with one or two hours lunch break in the noon. And as the tests come nearer, from 9th grade students have to go to evening classes which is usually from about 7 or 7:30 to 9 or 9:30. Moreover, there is still homework after school. A survey in Guang Xi province in China shows that, 24% of 1st-3rd grade students and 33% of 4th-6th students sleep less than 9 hours a day; 46% of junior high school students sleep less than 8 hours a day; 62% senior high students sleep less than 7 hours a day.(Xinhua Web News, 2004)

Second, there’s little communication in class. In a general Chinese class, the teacher is always standing in front of the blackboard and giving lectures. The students are always sitting in their seats; listening to the teacher; and keeping notes. Sometimes the teacher will ask questions, and then students can answer only if they put up their hands. Since there are usually more than 50 or even 60 students in a class, the chances are the teacher even doesn’t know some students’ names after one term.

Third, students are passive in learning. In class, students write down what teachers say; after class, they are busy doing their homework which is always due the next day. So they pay most of their attention to catching the teacher’s pace, and thus have no time or little time

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