Test Anxiety Essay

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Contemporary society has been given the labels of “test-oriented” and “test-consuming” (Zeidner & Most, 1992) due to its extensive use of testing assessments as a primary agent in decisions that impact many areas of people’s lives. Test scores essentially control an individual’s status in grade school, college and employment. As one expert put it, “We live in a test conscious, test-giving culture in which the lives of people are in part determined by their test performance” (Sarason, 1959, p. 26). The increased use of tests and the high stakes that exam scores have on scholastic achievement and advancement has put students under more intense pressure to perform well on tests. (CITE) Consequently, the phenomenon of test anxiety has become …show more content…
They are likely to adopt poor study habits when preparing for a test or possibly resort to behaviors such as cheating when taking a test. (CITE) The symptoms of test anxiety vary along a continuum. “Although all evaluative situations will be accompanied by some emotional reactions, it is the individual’s past experiences and beliefs, that have been shaped by a multitude of factors, that will mold their unique reactions to a test situation” (Mc,Donald, 2001, p. 92).
The relationship between test anxiety and academic performance has been a topic of research for over a century. Yerkes-Dodson Law (1908), facilitating/debilitating
However, the majority of literature confirms the association of test anxiety with lower academic performance (Zeidner, 1998). and widely spread among school and college aged populations.
• Children-Academic expectations of parents ( o More test with getting older, expectations become internalized Over two decades ago, 10 million school-age American students were reported to do worse in school as a result of high levels of test-anxiety (Hill & Wigfield, 1984). Hembree (1988) proposed that test-anxious student’s academic underachievement is likely to continue at every educational level. The worry of test performance is among the most common sources of stress for college students. Test anxiety is known to be pervasive in

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