Terrorism and Maritime Security Essay

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1 Introduction The word “terrorism” was first used during the French revolution. It defines as using force or threats against people . The definition of terrorism has to be examined more in depth-understanding in broader perspective, including historical background in order to avoid various legal systems and government agencies make their own definition and interpretation . The definition issue also happening in maritime community on classifying piracy and maritime terrorism. It does not include the purpose of attacking whether they were motivated by political goal, ideology, religion, independence or economic needs . However, every violence and crimes of maritime incidents cannot be taken for granted due to the phenomenon of the modern …show more content…
Those incidents have been significantly increasing continuously in recent years which threatening the international maritime security because there is no sophisticated and integrated preventive system to handle maritime terrorist issues . Therefore, the U.S responsively established the Container Security Initiative (CSI) as their security preventive policy and International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) was established by IMO as a representative of international community response . However, not all maritime attack could be defining as maritime international terrorist group threats because different purpose and organization. This essay will extend the possibility threats by maritime terrorist on maritime security. 3. Possibilities Threats to Maritime Security Conventionally, terrorist only needs great publication to support their political goal and draw people attention, not killing people in a great number but the modern strategy of terrorism now is creating an atmosphere of terror by inflicting large numbers of casualties regardless of whatever the media to deliver the attack . A number of analysts express concerns that the terrorist threat might probably use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) chemical, biological, nuclear or using maritime resources to

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