Tenure Reform Essay

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Scott Craig, a student at Wilfrid Laurier University, has the ability to judge an unfamiliar instructor on their teaching effectiveness by whether or not they have a wedding ring on their finger. With Craig, the wedding ring shows if the teacher has the communication and personal skills to be committed to a marriage (A4). To many teachers, tenure grants academic freedom. It provides job security in times that require years of research and a six-year probationary period to obtain (Greene, O’Connor, Good, Ledford, Peel, and Zhang 427-429). Tenure was created to set a standard for teaching and research amongst teachers and have a guarantee of a job for life without the feeling that their superiors were constantly watching them. However, many …show more content…
One of Lowman’s solutions is to hire fix-term faculty members that are hired for a specific time to do a certain job (Lowman 262). Fixed-term is most common with lecturers and is not given the opportunity to obtain tenure as long as they are contracted under these conditions. The contracts differ from tenure because it is not for life; thus creating a way to hold a teacher’s position but not guarantee them that position until retirement. Although this may be a simple, effective solution; there are other experts in the field that think tenure has a positive effect on educators. Harold Kwalwasser is an attorney in Washington, D.C., and author of School Daze: A User's Guide to What Really Matters for Education Reform. He strongly believes that tenure is a positive aspect of teaching and not all teachers lose motivation once they have obtained it. In his opinion, the teacher’s colleagues drive them to be motivated. Kwalwasser writes “ in a meeting of a school's four 5th-grade teachers, if the data show that almost all the kids in three of the four classes have mastered long division, the three teachers are going to turn to the one with poor results and say, in effect, ‘Are you having a problem?’ No matter how supportively those words are stated, that fourth teacher will do whatever he or she can to avoid being on that hot

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