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“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”, written by Anthelme Brillat Sararin, emphasizes the importance of food and drinks to a person. Have you ever thought that what you enjoy consuming everyday could turn out to be your silent killer? For decades, soft drinks have been always the favorite beverages of mostly children and young adults. During the past generations, carbonated soft drink consumption has been dramatically increasing worldwide in general and in the United States in particular. Amongst all demographic groups, teenagers dominate the large number of soft drink consumers. In addition to obesity and other health problems caused by excess intake of sugar and calories, daily soft drink consuming also leads to …show more content…
Thus, when one takes account of soft drink consumption into oral health, he or she has to decide between drinking his favorite beverage and keeping his teeth healthy.
As the number of oral health problems is potentially increasing due to regular consumption of carbonated soft drinks, there are some actions should be taken to reduce the harmful effects. These focus on educating and encouraging people, especially children and young adults to switch their beverage choices to a healthier choice of beverage. Moreover, it should be highlighted that changing the habit of drinking soft drinks during young ages is important because “children start consuming soft drinks at a remarkably young age and consumption increases through your adulthood” (Erickson). If the child is given the opportunity to be educated properly on his or her choices of beverage – which one is good and which one is bad for his health, the possibility of developing a healthy choice of beverage when he grow up is higher.
The education of negative consequences of soft drink consumption should address oral health problems such as tooth decay, tooth erosion, and raise awareness of changing beverage choices. According to a survey which was conducted at Georgia Perimeter College, most people (90%) know that drinking soft drink regularly can lead to dental erosion (Nguyen, “Soft Drink”). However, even though they are aware

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