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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know I have been a writer ever since I could read. From day one of learning to write in school, teachers have shown me how to put words together, how to add proper punctuation, and how to intelligently compose what it is that I am trying to say. I know the writing process backwards and forwards (brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and producing a final draft,) and I know the structure that a paper should follow (introduction, body, and conclusion.) Writing is just another formula that I have been taught to use, and until now, this formula has gotten me an A on every writing assignment that I have done. However, the formula that has been engraved into my mind is no longer acceptable to pass me on as …show more content…
This is the first, most important concept to understand while writing. If the audience is not interested in the topic, then the paper has not served its purpose. In order to avoid mundane writing, writers must put their own thoughts and experience into what they transcribe. This is where life’s lessons come into play. Every person is unique. Everyone comes from a different past and has experienced life differently. These experiences are what form the thoughts and emotions that each person has; these thoughts and emotions are what other people are eager to know. Thus, by pouring these thoughts and emotions into writing, an author can add to their readers’ knowledge and broaden their views.
Take the works of J.K Rowling for example. In her books, J.K Rowling takes readers to a whole new world of magic and adventure through characters that she developed based on people she personally knew. The young witch, Hermione, whom attends Hogwarts, was in fact created to be a younger, know-it-all version of Rowling herself, and Hermione’s school headmaster was created in resemblance to Rowling’s own headmaster. By knowing these characters personally, J.K Rowling could better develop and bring the characters in Harry Potter to life. This ability to create such characters evoked emotion in the hearts of millions. She also wrote about a world apart from ours in which possibilities were endless. Harry

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