Telemedicine Essay

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Telemedicine: The Future in Health Care

Topic Question: Is telemedicine vital for health care delivery?
     The idea of telemedicine is not new. In fact, when we get sick we often pick up the phone and discuss our conditions and possible treatments with our health care providers through the telephone. When there is an accident we dial 911 to obtain emergency assistance. These are just a few simple examples of applications of telemedicine. With advancements in technology, the new era of telemedicine will allow the patients and doctors to actually communicate both verbally as before but also visually. Telemedicine is broadly defined as "the use of electronic information and
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Legal, licensure, confidentiality, and cost issues are other potential barriers to the widespread implementation of telemedicine.1
The health care industry must find the funding for telemedicne with its wide range of applications. Just like any other cutting edge technology, telemedicine will be costly to implement in the beginning. The connectivity and the hardware of the system will be expensive, but as the project moves forward these costs will be reduced. Telemedicine will in the future reduce the cost for health care. As for the patients, telemedicine will allow them to have access to the specialist that they once were not able to obtain. People in underprivileged, rural, and geographically isolated region will be able to receive quality health care without delay or the trauma of traveling to a new region.2
This course paper will begin with an introduction similar to the one given above, but with more detail. Many of the barriers and obstacles in telemedicine have been resolved and the final paper will site articles and methods utilized to solve these issues. Telemedicine covers a very broad spectrum of medicine that includes emergency medicine, teleradiology, teleophthalmology, telepsychiatry, and care in the home and other non-clinical sites. In the final paper these different

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