Telematics in Automobiles Essay

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The technology of today is rapidly expanding and new innovations are making life easier for many people. These technological inventions can be put mainly into three categories: convenience, entertainment, and necessity. It is difficult to find technology that does not affect our everyday lives because there are so many new inventions arriving everyday. Most of us are using technologies that make life more simplified and amusing and some of us are depending on new medical technologies to improve quality of life. One technological advance that is being implemented into everyday life is Telematics, which is not only convenient it is also entertaining and can be life saving. Telematics is the process of integrating computing, wireless …show more content…
The GPS can also be useful if you are broken down in an unfamiliar place and need assistance because it allows others to see your exact location. From road trips and random outings to finding out where your next high school sports game is, the GPS is an effective and beneficial product to have.

Through OnStar’s telematics services we can also access many other applications that improve daily life and which also utilize the GPS. One of the programs that can be an enormous help is the automatic vehicle diagnostics. In case your check engine light comes on, this service can run an on-demand diagnostics check of your engine and tell you whether to continue driving or find a safe place to stop and wait for help. This can have a great impact on your day to day life because some or most of us are clueless about cars and don’t understand what’s going on if the check engine or any other light comes on. Not only will this application explain the issue, but if needed it will also call roadside assistance and tell them your problem and exact location by again utilizing the handy GPS service. This is helpful so that not only you can understand what is happening to your car, but so you may get the best assistance you can because the tow truck will already know what the problem is before reaching you. Another huge benefit that comes with this service is the remote door unlock. There are so many

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