Teenage Sexuality Essays

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Adolescence is a time during which societal and family values, attitudes, and behaviors are learned. This period in a person’s life is marked by challenges and difficulties in self-exploration and identification. Sexual relationships are especially challenging and difficult for adolescent women and men. Teenage fertility is a reality for most countries that needs to be dealt with effectively. It is necessary that young people are educated about STDs, health risks, and contraception and that societies on the whole are made more aware of teenage sexuality.

In different countries, there are different social attitudes about sex and premarital relationships. This influences an adolescent’s decision making process concerning sex and
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This means that as people prolong their singlehood, premarital sexual activity is increasing, and consequently, so does the number of unintended pregnancies (Alan Guttmacher Institute, 10). Urbanization also signifies the reduction in family ties and social support networks for pregnant teenage women.

Across the world, teenagers make up a significant portion of the population. In most developing countries, adolescents account for just under 25% of the population. This means that a large number of young women in their reproductive years are at a high risk of becoming pregnant. Teenage births count for almost 10% of births worldwide (Alan Guttmacher Institute, 8) and about 1 million teen pregnancies per year in the United States (Luker, 135). In 1972, 25% of 10 million US teenagers were sexually active. As contraceptive use was increasing, so was the number of sexually active teens. Twelve years later, the number of teens had decreased by 10%, but the number of sexually active teens had nearly doubled. These numbers demonstrate the significance of teenage sexual activity and urgency to implement strategies to defer unwanted pregnancies.

The majority of adolescents reported that they did not intend to become pregnant or that they wanted a baby. In the United States, 73% of 15-19 year old women stated that their pregnancies were unplanned and in Asian countries, 22-41% of teenage pregnancies are unintended

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