Teenage-Onset Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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According to the DSM-IV anorexia nervosa is characterized by a refusal to maintain body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight, a distorted body image, and amenorrhea (Polivy). According to the Renfrew Center Foundation for Eating Disorders, “up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the United States” (Siber 331). Anorexia is seen to affect girls in their adolescence and is rarely seen to affect men. A person suffering from anorexia has a fear of being overweight and weighs 15% less than her ideal weight. Those suffering from anorexia will pursue in extreme dieting, exercise and use of laxatives. They will skip meals and even starve themselves. They will binge and purge whenever they do decide to …show more content…
One’s own family can criticize them, and tell them that they need to be a certain size and have a certain look in order to be categorized as beautiful. Also, if a person is a perfectionist, she may do anything and strive to have the perfect body (Polivy).
Some professionals believe that eating disorders are caused because of a dysfunctional and pathological family (Silber). Negative family relationships can cause the development of anorexia. It is typical for a girl who is brought up in family where there isn’t communication, unity and expression of emotions to suffer from an eating disorder. Also, when parents themselves are over concerned about their own weight, shape and eating habits do their daughters follow along in their footsteps causing them to develop an eating disorder. A mother’s role, is being a role model for her child, however, a mother’s attitude towards dieting and shape can influence her daughter into the developing an eating disorder. In a correlation study it was found that a “family preoccupation with weight and appearance had direct affects on body dissatisfaction and eating symptoms in adolescent girls” (Benninghoven 119). It was concluded that there is a negative correlation between a mother’s body shame and a daughter’s body esteem. When the parents approved of the daughters body image this resulted in a positive outcome on the way the

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