Technology is Degrading Our Quality of Life Essay

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Technology is Degrading Our Quality of Life

Technology seems to be advancing at a rate that seems to exceed a regular, average human’s ability or brain capacity to keep up with it. It seems to me, and may to others as well, that every time you go out and purchase something that is considered new, or top-of-the-line, or innovative, the next day you will see something that is considered better or more innovative than what you bought.

With the advancement of technology comes the advancement of communication and media, as well as mass communication and mass media. The internet, which was only used by a few number of people 10 years ago, due to its high cost and limited capabilities, is used by a vast majority of people around
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Many people argue that internet pornography has lead to a great increase in sexual abuse cases or investigation. According to a children’s charity in the United Kingdom, NCH (National Children’s Homes), stated that child pornography cases rose at a rate of 1500% since 1988, with 35 charges brought in ’88 as appose to 549 in 2001. They also stated that with the advancement of mobile phones with internet access, the number of pictures of children getting abused and the number of child sex sites will continue to rise rapidly, as cellular phones leave no record behind and the phones cannot be traced back to the users. [2] Dr. Michael Flood, an author from Australia , who co-wrote the book Youth and Pornography, feels that pornography, especially violent pornography, is causing many children to get a distorted view of what a healthy sexual relationship really is, and instead fills their heads with ideas that rape and other types of sexual gratification are normal and accepted. [3]

A National Institute of Health (NIH) study completed in February of 2003 showed that 90% of children from ages 5-17 have access to computers, and 75% of kids use the internet regularly between the ages of 14 and 17. With the continuing advancement of technology, it is likely that these numbers will continue to grow. It is also important to realize that now it is almost impossible to avoid pornography on the internet. In the

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