Technology in the Classroom Stimulates Learning Essay

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Technology in the classroom, is it good or bad? I think this is a question that will be debated for many years to come. There are those who believe that we must have technology in the classroom so that we can move forward as a society. In a speech given by Roy Pea and Larry Cuban, Roy Pea quotes the
Labor Secretary’s Commission on the Achieving Necessary Skill, or SCANS, as saying “Those unable to use technology face a life time of menial work.” Others believe that technology replaces learning and is actually making us stupid. Some believe that the costs out weigh the benefits and others who believe the opposite.
I believe that technology in the classroom can only help to enhance and stimulate learning and prepare students for
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This visual representation can only enhance a students understanding of this sometimes difficult concept.
Technology opens many new avenues of teaching for the teacher.
Learning about all of the enhancement programs available and how to use them can only make a good teacher better. Technology can help a teacher make their assignments more interesting to the students. Most children are fascinated by computers and love to use them any chance they get. The students are eager to learn and actively participating in their learning. Technology also allows students to explore mathematical concepts using a wider range of numbers. For example, it could be very time consuming for a student to solve a linear equation using very large numbers, however the use of a calculator would make this much easier. The student would need to know the steps involved in solving the equation, the calculator would only be used to save time. It would not “solve” the problem for the student. Being able to solve the problems more quickly will allow students more time to solve additional problems and reflect on the concepts they are learning.
My own experiences with technology have been positive ones. I took
MATH5200 with Dr. McCrory and he uses GSP to enhance the class. This was my first real experience with technology in the classroom. It had been at least 17 years since I had taken geometry and to say I was nervous was an understatement. I believe that using

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