Essay about Technology In the Classroom: Present and Future

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The introduction of technology into the classroom is a movement that every district will or already has implemented. Getting the technology into the classroom is only the first step. Determining how the technology can be used in the classroom to help improve student achievement is yet another problem. Few school districts support teachers past the point of getting technology into the classroom. This paper will focus briefly on how technology is being used in the classroom and what the future holds for technology use in the classroom. How technology is now used in the classroom is up to the teacher. There is usually little to no guidance given to teacher by administers on how to merge technology into the classroom. Due to this, many …show more content…
In order to move towards a 21st century style of teaching, teachers must learn how to use technology in a 21st century way. (Greenhow 2009) The future of technology in the classroom can start now. Web 2.0 can seem complex and daunting at first; however, the ideas it provides will help propel teachers into the 21st century. Classroom technology will no longer have students using the internet as another recourse. Instead, it will allow students to both read and write on the internet using features that students use everyday. Students will be doing the skills that 21st century learners should be doing: collaborating, participating, publishing, sharing, and communicating with one another. Most of these things students do on a regular basis already. For example: social networking takes place through Facebook and Myspace, collaboration through Wiki's and blogs, and media sharing through You Tube and Flickr. As educators, we would not be asking our students to do something new, just to incorporate our content into things that they already do. (Greenhow 2009) One of the most powerful aspects of the future of technology in the classroom is its ability to have student collaborate on content. By using a Wiki, blogs, or google docs to do this, students take ownership in their knowledge and increase their engagement. Students have the ability to also take place in a form of peer review by making comments to

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