Technology in Dance Education Essay

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Technology in Dance Education

Dance Education is one of the fine arts taught at many schools here in the United States today. It has a way of creating a great learning environment for students and teachers through movement, and the interpretation of movement. Technology has had a great impact on society as well. It has been weaved throughout the public schools through the use of computers, televisions, radios, and intercom systems. It transforms the lighting on any given stage to display depth, life and convey the dances message more clearly.
Technology has now been weaved into Dance Education. Technology supports dance arts education in K-12 schools in a positive way. Is it helpful? If so how can it support fine arts Education
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The Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts also agree that dance is an art form. In fact, one of the special features of their dance program is to make sure that the sequential patterning of courses, and the integrity of the basic core curriculum, and the courses which augment that core demonstrate the fact that dance is an art form as the focus of the program. (Knowles, P 1991).

“Dance education helps students use movement to creatively express meaning. It provides students with a way of kinesthetically learning and communicating. The dance program is designed to teach students fundamentals in dance and choreography, and to help students develop self-discipline and focus.”( North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 2004)

Also in the National Standards of Dance Education developed by the National Dance Association it states “Dance education begins with an awareness of the movement of the body and its creative potential.” According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary the definition of dance as a noun is 2 : a series of rhythmic and patterned bodily movements usually performed to music,

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