Essay on Technology During The Gilded Age

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From 1865 to 1900, technology transformed the United States during the period known as the Gilded Age. During this time, the lives of the American people ultimately changed, for many Americans, including farmers, were able to share better food, yield more land, and help contribute to the overall standard of living. However, in order to attain a profit, farmers had the precarious responsibility of gathering the essential tools and crops to meet the nation’s demands. As a result, more raw materials, such as wood were being consumed in factories. In order to uphold the continuum of the vast growing nation, there was a demand for faster and easier means of transportation. Additionally, many foreigners sought America to be a very superior and …show more content…
By 1870, the need for skilled labor would soon diminish due to mechanization. Mechanization ultimately turned the small shops into large factories, condensed with machines to further increase the worker efficiency. Frederick Winslow Taylor’s redesign in factory machinery increased productivity dramatically. As a result, fewer motions were needed to produce the same good any skilled worker would, except in less time. Frederick concluded that similar to machines, humans have the potential to increase their efficiency. Mechanization allowed “the average worker in the 1890s to produce twice as much as his or her counterpart in the 1860s” (Aurand). Consequently, mechanization ran the pace of work produced, ultimately putting the worker in no control over workplace. Additionally, laborers were viewed as the parts of the machine, losing their power to sway income. Many joined unions including the American Federation of Labor (AFL), and went on strikes. As in the Homestead Strike, labor-management conflicts arose to armed altercations against Carnegie Steel. Ultimately, this caused geographic mobility to fluctuate as more workers became unemployed. Because of mechanization, labor conflict, geographic mobility, and the high influx of immigration, American labor force would soon change drastically during the period of industrialization. As a result, it is clear that technology transformed the United States during the Gilded Age by the changing of American labor

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