Essay on Technology and the Weakening of Human Gene Pool

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Technology and the Weakening of Human Gene Pool

Technology exists in countless forms. From sticks used to pry apart clamshells, to nuclear plants that generate energy. One thing that all technologies have in common, is that they advance the human race. Technology acts as a catalyst to bring about new world views, fix problems, and bring answers to questions that could never have been answered in the past. Medicinal technologies in particular bring incredible benefits to mankind. With new medical technologies emerging, society must question their morality, and more specifically, how they should be used.

Throughout history, medicine has existed in many forms. As the technology of cultures advanced, so did the
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Everything from a person’s “heart and corneas, liver and lungs, cartilage, skin, hair, bone, nerves” can be transplanted to another individual in today’s modern society. The ability to transplant these body parts is an extraordinary feat for humanity.

As Technology has grown and flourished around the globe, procedures are becoming possible that people in the past could only conceive of as science fiction. Among these are medical applications to the human body. Implanting foreign devises to take the place of malfunctioning organs and the insertion of replacement organs are some of the best examples. What is so interesting about these abilities are not the outcomes, whether they sustain or end life, but of the very philosophy of these actions. It’s now possible to ask the question; what makes a person human? Or even what makes a person an individual? Is it a person’s mind, or what physical matter they are composed of that make a person unique? In the future people could be discriminated against for being fake, non-pure humans. Different sets of human rights could even be developed for those untouched by the deviant hands of man. In a world of ever changing cultures and societal norms, if technology moves faster than intelligence, unthinkable problems could await.
People can live longer and in better conditions, which can be as much trouble as it is good. New and amazing

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