Technology and Collaborative Consumerism Essay

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Why waste money and material when people owning things they actually only need to use once or twice? The idea of ownership is shifting and becomes the idea of access or subscription instead of a one-time purchase. The innovation of technology made these ideas easy and fast by connecting consumers and created rating systems with the help of social networks and mobile technologies. Corporate America that contributed to over-consumption has raised global environmental and financial concerns. On the other hand, the main purpose of collaborative consumerism encourages eco-conscious ways to de-clutter mass-consumption; it may have negative impact on traditional corporate consumerism, but encourages ecofriendly entrepreneurships. It also improve …show more content…
Collaborative consumerism may not be an improvement on traditional corporate consumerism because modern consumers have more power to control their appetite in a more rational way and be able to research detail information of products through the internet. “Economy that is built on high consumption is a Ponzi scheme”, said by Rachel Botsman through a TED talk. Even though we still can’t find enough statistics to prove that collaborative consumerism really impact the consumer behavior, but during the recent global recession, most traditional companies such as lose money, but companies such as Ebay, amazon, Dollar stores, Zipcar, Swaptree and McDonald which sells products that are more affordable were making good profits, so consumers keep changing their purchase habits in accordance with their external environment.
On the other hand, the business implementation of the concept may be an improvement for Online corporate consumerism because entrepreneurs rapidly cultivate these ideas into new ecofriendly or collaborative consumption-oriented business opportunities for profits, and these companies may become the other kind of corporate marketing tools that will try to manipulate consumers. Companies that are selling ads to make profits based on the concept of subscribing to a product service systems, buying or swapping pre-owned goods, or time-sharing similar needs or interests appeared to be an

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