Essay on Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy

As a future art educator, I have been encouraging myself in the past four years to explore and absorb as much about art and education as I possibly can. As my college years are drawing closer towards a conclusion, a new chapter of my life is waiting to be discovered. This is the time to gather what I have learned and synthesize my own set of philosophies on teaching. Under my teaching scope, I would want students to learn about meanings and issues in life through art in addition to the technical skills of art making. I would guide and expect my students to express their views and feelings through this creative process. Furthermore, I anticipate students will recognize that art functions in many facets, and that
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For art to be meaningful, students must first be able to connect with and relate to the issue presented, then be able to organize the given information and finally apply it to personal experiences. Next, the students can synthesize a creative/expressive way to transform their ideas into a more tangible product. In addition, through my careful planning of incorporating various resources from visual culture to bring together art and life, students would view the two entities as interconnected and inseparable. Moreover, I would educate students in art appreciation through critiques of their own art as well as creations done by other artists. It is important to understand that students must not merely be on the receiving side of the spectrum, as Barrett commented, “Art works have ‘aboutness’ and demand interpretation.” (1994) Learning how to make critical judgments, how to articulate the strengths and weaknesses, how to extract evidence and interpret meaning, and how to respond/relate to the concepts behind the work are imperative to appreciate a work of art. Students often look at a piece of art and give comments such as, “This is good,” or “I don’t like it,” without giving satisfying reasons. Therefore, critiquing serves as a great tool to train the students how to think and express in a constructive and critical manner. For my

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