Essay on Teaching Philosophy

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A philosophy for a teacher is to help them to create a method of learning and to help them to establish standards and goals for themselves and for their students for future benefits. Today’s teachers cannot rely solely on one type of philosophy because today’s society is too complex.

As a social reconstructive teacher I want my students to observe how things change and how life processes effect daily lives of an individual as well as a whole group. I think that students should be able to research and evaluate things from many different perspectives to better themselves and their individual futures. The students should also be introduced to different kinds of technologies to help increase
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Also to promote good work ethic and success some type of reward should be given whether it is simple words of encouragement or something such as a reward.

Self-discipline is very important to me personally. It is a stepping-stone to controlling one’s behavior in time of stress or during the most relaxing times. Showing students that you can control yourself in tough situations, is a way to prove that you are a strong person and that you can deal with things appropriately.

As an existentialist I would hope to relay the message that each individual should take responsibility for their own mistakes whether the intentions be right or wrong. This philosophy definitely gives insight to individualism and if used in the right way can make anyone a stronger and better person as well as more reliable. I would also hope to instill into my future students the importance of having good values and how if used well they can shape someone’s personality and help them to be a role model for someone else.

Students also need to feel that they are important inside and outside the classroom. I think that they need to know that each individual is important and that they add their own personality to the classroom. No matter if the student is at the top of the class or at the bottom they need to know that what they do matters regardless of the outcome. I hope that I can encourage anyone that I meet not to

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