Teachers Should NOT Carry Guns Essay examples

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Everyone knows that parents’ first worry is the safety of their children. With the increase of violence in schools, parents have started to wonder if their children are really safe in the school setting. Shootings like Sandy Hook and Columbine left parents, administrators, and educators feeling the need to be proactive towards children’s safety. Reacting to situations like these is not good enough when children’s lives are on the line. Administration has started to brainstorm different ways to help insure the protection of their students. The idea of having teachers carry concealed weapons has been on the front burner for quite some time. As a result of this extreme idea, insurance companies have started to increase or even cancel …show more content…
The gunman shot and killed two of the administrators and left one badly injured. He made his way into a classroom where he shot the substitute teacher and all the children, who were inside. The shooter then crossed the hall and shot and killed the teacher and six of the first grade children. The first officer arrived on scene only two minutes and forty-one seconds after the police had dispatched the shooting. When authorities had arrived, the gunman had already shot and killed himself. In total, the shooter killed six adults and twenty students while leaving many others injured. (Pomerenze, 2013)
In this situation, the police arrived on scene rather quickly, but that was not enough to save any of the children or staff that were shot to death. Incidences like these make parents everywhere scared for their children safety. The Sandy Hook massacre started the idea of teachers carrying concealed weapons to protect students from gunman that threaten their safety. Many people are apprehensive of this idea because of all the negative events that could occur, like accidents, student injuries, and distractions in the classroom. Teachers have the main accountability to educate their students. Instructors are responsible for making sure their students can comprehend skills that are needed to further their success in life, not to protect the students. Because teachers only purpose is to educate, schools need

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