Taylor Swift is Fearless Essay

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News has spread all over the world. The famous Mitsogo Gabon Manioc Stamper has gone missing from the Museum of Natural History in Gabon. The children in Gabon ask their parents, “What is happening to our country?” The parents have no idea what to say to their kids.
“What will happen to our ancestors because of the missing artifact?” More children ask. The accident is a still a mystery too many people. There is said that there is a cash reward for people who know what happened. If anyone finds the artifact the reward is three million dollars!
Deep down in the city of Los Angeles, California lays Taylor Swift, singer, song writer, actress, and entertainer. People describe her as an intrepid, passionate, lovable, and attractive role
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Taylor already knew, just by looking at him that he was going to be the perfect manager. Jack told Taylor about his life, and how he has always been a Taylor Swift supporter. After 300 more people tried out, there was no question to who was the most excellent.
Jack moved into her private house the day after. The colossal mansion amazed jack that Taylor lived in. There was a massive pool outside in the backyard and two hot tubs. The house had a total of 13 rooms not including the living room and the two family rooms. Taylor only used three of the rooms, one for herself, one for the manager, and one for a guest room. Taylor does not like being spoiled with vast amounts of money she makes from her music career. The two got along in a very blunt way. They sang, played, and ate together like they were best friends. They never got bored because both were excellent at regaling.
Jack Chandler was watching the news, when he heard about the missing Mitsogo Gabon Manioc Stamper. It was the same artifact that was told by the Secret Celebrity Community to Taylor. Taylor already knew what she was going to do with the money. Give some to Jack Chandler for being such a great manager and the rest to charities all around the world. Taylor is already in the top 25 of most donated by a single person. Number one is taken by, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Taylor Swift was very eager to go to Gabon so she had to buy tickets quickly. She bought

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