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Taliban Terrorist Group
The Taliban is a far-right; they are Islamic revolutionary organization that arose in the early 1990’s under headship of Mullah Mohammad Omar. The clear translation of "Taliban" is "students" that a large majority of Taliban supporters are from Afghanistan and Pakistan, most of them have been educated at 'madrasas,' or other Muslim religious schools. Mostly in the 21th century the world realized about Taliban group for the first time in 1994, when Pakistan government used them to protect a group of people to open a trade way in central Asia. This essay familiarizes Taliban and talks about the Taliban rule over Afghanistan. It also discusses about the
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Mohammad Najibullah. This newly built government by Mujahideen alliances in Kabul led by President Burhanuddin Rabbani. His government failed to reach a political unity between all the Mujahideen groups and ended fighting with one another. Taliban are consist of afghan students of religious schools in Pakistan. Taliban was also one part of Mujahedeen, which has been formed in Pakistan during the Soviet invasion and Afghan civil war. Taliban proved effective in driving off other Mujahideen. They soon took control of Kandahar and continued spreading their power in most part of the country captured Kabul in September 1996 (Rashid., 2000).
As we refer to the Taliban’s ideology we can see that there were many internal and external aspects that influenced them. Firstly, the Taliban was transformed into militia using mujahedeen frontrunners, who were disappointed by mujahedeen is unification; they exposed Islamic ideology at the time they captured Kandahar. The ideology of the Taliban was measured a change from traditional Islamist views that were held by anti-Soviet mujahedeen fighters which occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Also, it seen as a combination of those who are anti-modern Pashtun tribal ideology that was mixed with radicalized interpretation of the Islam. Moreover, there are many central ideologies of disintegrate groups, such as Jamait-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI). Osama bin Laden's jihadist and pan-Islamist views also

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