TYhe Misuse of Prescription Drugs Among College Students Essay

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The misuse of prescription drugs among college students is a growing problem for this generation. There are more students taking non-prescribed prescription drugs for various reasons than ever before. The dangers associated with this are not well known and students do not realize the damage they are doing to themselves now, and the effects it will have on their body and mind in the future. Young people should be educated on this subject and recognize the risks they are taking by consuming these medications. Some use for recreational purposes and some simply use it to stay up late and study, not realizing that one is just as dangerous as the other. Prescription drugs are just as dangerous as street drugs and college students are misusing …show more content…
“if you take valium with beer, then you’re pretty much good for the rest of the night instead of buying 7 or 8 beers. It’s just a great money saver” (Quintero, 2009) Says a 23 year old college student. The social aspects of taking prescription drugs are persuasive when they are easy to obtain and experiment with, with your friends. The mindset is, I’ll take it if it’s there. “If there are people taking some Vicodin then I might take some, but I don’t go around looking for it. I’m not trying to find it off the street or anything” (Quintero, 2009) Said a 22 year old student.
People seem to think that prescription drugs are safer because they are made in labs and they are tested. What they don’t understand is they are made for specific reasons and are only meant for the people that need them for these specific reasons. Drugs that are prescribed for a particular illness or injury were tested only for those things and there is no way of telling what it could do to someone who does not need them. “I think prescription drugs are safer, even if they’re not, just because they came from a company, and they were prescribed to someone for a legitimate reason. I don’t know the laws regarding illegal pharmaceutical use, but it seems safer. Plus if you actually know the kid who has the prescription, they can’t really get in trouble for having a prescription in their name” (Buckstein, 2008) these were the

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