Symbolism in A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner Essay

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In most stories an object can be explained to the reader if the writer uses a symbol to represent it. The flag for the United States is a symbolism of America; it contains fifty stars to represent the fifty states that we have. It also has thirteen horizontal stripes to represent the thirteen colonies. Everything in the world represents a thing; every object or thing has a symbol to it. For instance being a United States American citizen symbols you can live in the United States of America and you are an American citizen, which means you were born here in the U.S. If you weren’t you couldn’t be able to live in the United States. A bald eagle roams free without any worries, strong, independent, and fearless, this is why it symbols the …show more content…
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was decomposing in the house and days past and they had to come pick it up. Months had past and she never came out of her hose. There was construction going on the sidewalks in front of her house and Homer Barron, a supervisor, who Emily had met and started going out with was different from everyone. The town would talk and gossip to each other when they saw them together. The townspeople notice him being with other men other than his workers. Emily had found out and knew if she couldn’t get what she wanted she had to do something. Emily never came out of her house since then, that’s when it all started. No one knows what happened in the monument house that no one had entered in many years. A manifold of objects and characters can be a symbolism of many schemes in “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner.
Miss Emily Grierson is a symbol of stubbornness. Once Emily’s father died, she really didn’t know what to do to herself. She was so use to having things done for her. She refused to believe that the life she knew she had been gone, when her father passed. In the article titled, “Symbols in A Rose for Emily,” the author declares: “Emily alienated herself inside her house to avoid people and change” (Study Mode). Emily seems out of place in changing society, she refused to accept the way things are becoming since her father’s death. It also symbolizes her escape from the townspeople when she decided to leave herself in

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