SWOT and Marketing of Nestlé Essay

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SWOT Analysis belongs to one of the most valuable materials in a company. Every company creates its own chart. It shows company’s positives so-called strengths and opportunities, and negatives which are weaknesses and threats. Basically, it is an overview of company’s aspects, what company is good in, what it should improve. Two bottom boxes of SWOT Analysis chart show what the company should be aware of as to the threats and what are new upcoming opportunities it can obtain (SWOT Analysis, n.d., Investopedia, para 1)

Nestlé’s most recent SWOT Analysis for the year 2013 provide couple of issues in each box. Another data provided shows the analysis for specific countries and its strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
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Currently, the society’s trend is to live healthy and active life. Accordingly, Nestlé has adapted their products to these current trends. (Iftikhar, Hashmi, Faiz, Javaid, & Sakhi, n.d., p. 15, chart) In 2010, they announced that the company will invest roughly $500 million over 10 years time in production of products with health-benefit. It will also deepen its pharmaceutical and nutrition research in order to evolve products that may help to prevent different kinds of illnesses. (Mijuk, 2010, para 1-2)

As every company, Nestlé has its weaknesses that can be eliminated by analyzing sensitive areas. When Nestlé’s new products are entering the market, there might be a problem with already existing well-known companies with similar products. Therefore, the competition may be higher. One of the best examples for this case it Nestle Plain Yogurt. It has been unable to make its markets in the United States. The competition has overcome the product. (Iftikhar, Hashmi, Faiz, Javaid, & Sakhi, n.d., p. 15, chart)

In the recent couple of years, Nestlé has had issues with food contamination and poor quality supplies. That is another weakness the company tries to overcome. (Strategic Management Insight, 2013, „Weaknesses “section, point 1) This February, the company voluntarily recalled two of their products due to suspicion of contamination.
Philly Steak & Cheese sandwiches must been removed from counters worldwide. The products were affected by contaminated

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