Switter: A Semantic Microblogging proposal Essay

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Alvaro Graves Department of Cognitive Sciences Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180, USA gravea3@rpi.edu
One aspect of the Semantic Web that has not been fully explored is the idea of good interfaces for interacting with small portions of semantic information, in particular with a few set of triples. Even though more and more data has been published in RDF, usually this came from already existing databases. On the other hand, microblogging sites such as Twitter have gained big popularity in the media and have become an important player in the so-called social networks. In this paper we propose the reuse of several components of Twitter syntax to help developers and designers to develop user-friendly interfaces based
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Based on this metaphor, it is possible to think of adding information (or even instructions) to one or more potential agents using microblogging systems.
3. Adding semantics (in the form of triples) can help machines to understand mi- croblogging messages instead of solely using natural language processing. This can improve the results of searches by using different filters (e.g., “All messages of year 2010 where people claims they know @jsmith”).
4. While great efforts has been done to add big datasets to the Linked Data cloud, we see an opportunity to allow non-expert users to add valuable information to it too. In contrast to traditional initiatives, this can allow users to, for example, link datasets instead of creating them.
Switter Syntax
We followed an approach that aims for simplicity, where we haven’t added more syntax than what twitter users currently use, except for the use of colon (:). That is, we don’t want to use nothing but screennames (like @semtwit), and hashtags.
We included the possibility of using blank nodes for several reasons. First, we think is important to allow users to describe nameless entities: For example, blank nodes are handy when talking about “that restaurant owned by John” or “Mary’s car is red” . Second, since RDF can be converted to Switter,we needed to provide

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