Swindoll Book Review: Chapters 1-5 Essay

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Chapter 1
Lincoln preserved against all odds. We too should preserve in our walk with Christ. “The blood of the first martyr splattered across Saul’s clothes while he stood nodding in agreement.” God can use anyone he chooses ever the greatest enemy of the 1st century church. Saul didn’t realize that God was leading the events of his life to dramatically impact his world and ours. God is at work in our lives and in the world even when we cannot see it. The leader of the Sanhedrin threw Peter and John in jail. God sent an angel to let them out. God works supernaturally in the life of his children. Peter and John were not discouraged but they preached more boldly then before. Persecution brings about boldness in a life of a
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Chapter 2 The life of Martin Luther, Jim Vaus and Chuck Colson demonstrate that peace without God is impossible. Martin Luther was a pious man and tried to follow all the rules but he still was empty. Until he read Roman 1:17 the words “shot like flaming arrows off the page piercing deep into his heart, melting hardened layers of guilt and fear.” These men show us that there is no grace and forgiveness apart from the blood of Christ. They also teach that God uses hard times to get our attention. These men also demonstrate that proud men do not come to God “A proud man is always looking down on things and people,” – C.S. Lewis. At the end of their ropes God provides them a hand. We as Christian struggle with these types of people who have converted because we want them to be like us. But “we confuse conversion with maturity.” I ask myself if I tomorrow Nancy Poloicy got on TV and said “I am now a born again believer,” I would be very skeptical and would want to see proof. That truth is salvation is between the sinner and God. How often we forget Paul was a violent man and he breathed hatred towards the children of God. But Paul’s conversion was, “the violent capture of a rebel will,” – Augustine. It was God’s grace that conquers Saul. Paul’s trip to Damascus the Lord steps in unannounced and God works the same way in our lives. He shows up unannounced. But its not like God is absent for our lives before he shows up.

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