Sustainable Energy Systems And Their Benefits Essay

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In recent years the research of scientists has come to public attention and it is a widely accepted fact that the Earth is warming up. What has caused this change in the Earth is still up for debate and a controversial issue. One side is that humans are causing the warming by burning fossil fuels. Staying on that topic, fossil fuels are limited in quantity, and some scientists speculate that we may run out sooner than we are ready for. This is where sustainable energy systems come into play. When using sustainable energy systems such as hydro electric, wind, or cruder methods such as waste incineration, burning of fossil fuels will decrease. With this decrease, or at least slowdown, of fossil fuels we will be able to reduce or maintain …show more content…
The higher profits for power companies would most likely mean that consumers also get lower prices, and the self comfort of knowing that their power source does not harm the environment. Then of course, green house gas emissions would be greatly reduced when using sustainable energy sources. Compared to coal, a sustainable source such as hydro electric power emits greenhouse gases at two orders of magnitude less than coal (Erdogdu 1111-1117). To put that into perspective, let's say you generate a certain amount of energy with coal and during that production you release 1,000,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. When generating that same amount of electricity with hydro power, only 100 tons of CO2 would be released into the environment. This is the type of greenhouse gas reductions that many countries are looking for. One country that could currently benefit by switching over to renewable sources is Turkey. Not only should they use renewable sources to reduce harm to their own environment, but they should do so to set an example for the rest of the world. The currently have one of the lowest amounts of CO2 emissions per capita ranking in at 109th in the world with 3.3 tons of carbon dioxide per capita in 2006 (Erdogdu 1111-1117). Compare that to the US having 19.8 tons of CO2 per capita and you'll realize that the greenhouse emissions in Turkey aren't very serious. This is not how it should be thought about though,

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