Supporting the Poor Essay

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In Hardin’s essay “Lifeboat Ethics” does not take a realistic account of world needs such as people being equipped with life-sustaining tools knowledge, and human innovation in order to change the status of the poor so that there would be room for everyone in the lifeboat of society. Hardin tries to support this position through the analogy of “rich” people in a life boat saving the “poor” people in the water as the people in the life boat have no more room and are in danger of sinking the ship if they take in any more passengers. His augment appears to be weak and passive because he uses a weak analogy to attach his argument by using a small ship, and it is almost like saying we are better than others because we are in a better situation …show more content…
A new study done by the FAO claims there will be enough food for the growing population in 2030. Population growth is expected to slow down and many people will be better fed. Data from United States Agricultural Department (USDA)’s Foreign Agricultural Department states that the world in 1976 was producing 1.9 million metric tons of gain on 579.1 hectares of land (a hectare is 2.47 acres. In 2004, 3.1 million metric tons of grain was produced on only 517.9 hectares of land. This suggests that we are farming on fewer acres and producing more crops ("Grain: World Markets and Trade, October 2004."). The Natural Resources Conservation Service’s web site, “the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) gives technical and financial assistance to farmers and ranchers who are eligible to address soil, water, and related natural resource concerns on their lands. In essence this is a fund that the government started to allow farmers time off from growing crops and things such as grass and trees are planted instead of crops. This encourages wildlife habitats, and helps prevent soil erosion. If we weren’t producing more food then we needed our nation would not be doing this instead we would be using it to feed everyone ("United States Conservation Reserve Program Payments.”). The government has been helping farmers in Northeast Thailand and parts of Brazil with farming. These areas were land was once considered desolate with unreliable rainfall patterns, and

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