Support from Individual's Social Network Essay

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Before discussing the different kinds of support that can be given by a person’s social network, an understanding of what a social network is and the people it can include is necessary. This essay will begin with a brief definition and then go on to list and review the different kinds of support that can be provided.

‘A social network consists of a set of people with whom one maintains contact and has some form of social bond’. (K101, Unit 10, p75).
This means that a social network is a group of people with which a person has regular interaction with such as Family, Friends, Neighbours or Work colleagues. However taking into account the introduction of easier, cheaper access to the Internet, E-mail and mobile phones over recent years
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(K101, Unit 10, P 80-1)

Social networks can also be formed within community based activities. As displayed within the studies of the Thornhill plus you programme.
T.H.A.W.P a small neighbourhood run organisation, offered many activities to the residents of Thornhill to try to encourage people to broaden and strengthen their social networks. (K101, Unit 9, P 41)
Examples of this are the mother and child groups, where parents can come together and share their own experience of parenthood and provide each other with practical help and advice on childcare and emotional support when problems with children transpire.
Also the cooking pot sessions brought people together establishing friendships by cooking meals jointly and then eating collectively. Practical help, ideas and advice on preparing and eating healthy meals when on a budget was shared and used by all. (K101, DVD, Video 9.4)

Not everybody’s social network is the same. Some may have a limited or virtually non existent social network around them. A model developed by Chris Phillipson a researcher into social networks shows how they can vary in size and significance. (K101, Unit 10, p75)
The diagram shows that an individual who receives support is placed at the centre and the people who they consider to be the most

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