Superficiality in Literature Essay

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A widespread misconception is that a person’s “genuine” self is who he is when he is alone. I beg to differ. In fact, who that individual is when he is alone is only a portion of his "genuine" self, which leaves who he is among his peers—his superficial self —as the dominant portion of his “genuine” self because the majority of a person’s life—given he is not a hobbit—is spent around society. The superficial self begins as the unconscious part of the mind that is what some psychology enthusiasts may call the Id, where as the true self creates the foundation of the conscious mind parallel to the ego of one’s psyche. Multiple personality disorder is a result of an extreme case of the development of the Id or different drives comprising the …show more content…
Emilia’s astonishment leads the reader to believe that Iago once possessed redeeming qualities, but soon, Iago’s revulsion and egocentric values fosters and cultivates; thus, developing into the Id that contains a false temperament. The malevolent self of Iago grows when he lies countless times to Roderigo about the possibility of an amorous relationship between Roderigo and Desdemona. Then Iago evolves by masterminding a plan to make Desdemona appear to be a “whore” in order to influence Othello’s decision making. The death of Iago’s genuine psyche is personified when he admits to Emilia that he told Othello a lie about the fidelity of Othello’s wife, Desdemona: Iago: I told him what I thought, and told no more Than what he found himself was apt and true. Emilia: But did you ever tell him she was false? Iago: I did. (5.2 212-215) Iago’s genuine self is so suppressed that the possible positive aspects of Iago’s character is used for the will of his negative and dominating Id. When he speaks with Roderigo, he exhibits himself as a romantic: “ Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners”(1.3 362-363). He convinces Roderigo to not drown himself by displaying the value and worth that human bodies possess. Although the statement may be a lie in order to sway Roderigo into

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