Superbowl Commercials Essay

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Instead of the annoyance normally associated with commercials, viewers who happened to catch the Axe Peace, Make Love, Not War advertisement during the 2014 Super Bowl experienced unexpected positive and uplifting feelings. This short sixty second video has the effect of leaving them wondering if an advertisement for body spray could possibly bring about world peace through love. The images of powerful leaders, war-torn countries, and vast armies in the beginning of the video set a serious tone until, in each situation, a loving action is enacted by the leader with his wife or girlfriend. The commercial’s somber piano track combined with images of war capture the attention of the audience; concluding with love as the victor in …show more content…
Because of this, for those who were in some way involved or are knowledgeable about this war, it is not a positive or uplifting memory. Showing scenes from the Vietnam War may be even more influential on the viewer’s state of mind, as this war was not only more recent in our history, but is often thought of as a ten year period that has caused the U. S. national disgrace. Even if people do not personally know someone who was caught up in this war, it is generally thought of as a waste of time, taxes, resources, and a loss of precious lives of young soldiers. All these factors lead to feelings of melancholy and unhappiness for many of the viewers of this commercial. Encouraging these commonly felt emotions, the video includes the images of huge armies and a silver briefcase being quickly carried, causing the audience to not only feel fear, but also as if war and explosions may occur at any moment. The emphasis on the multiple strained situations plays heavily on the viewer’s dread of war time while effectively convincing the audience that they are in the midst of tense conflicts in the actual world. The commercial then abruptly changes its focus from war to love in the last thirty seconds, as a young woman faces a large tank, which then opens to reveal her lover. After experiencing sadness in the gray, forlorn images of war, viewers feel their hearts lift as multiple couples

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