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Summer Reading Assignment The novels The Loved One, and Endurance can both easily be related to my life, and the world that I live in today. Each of these stories has a meaning that is timeless, and contains morals that can never be dated. Each story has something to offer the reader on many levels. It may teach a lesson, reveal a truth or just simply entertain. Out of these stories I will make a connection to one or more of my personal experiences, a text-to-text connection, and a connection between these novels and the world today. While reading these novels, one gets a feeling or a sense of frustration. It becomes difficult at times to understand the emotions that are running through the characters minds. Ultimately though, …show more content…
It is very important in life to have goals and dreams and to never let anything get in the way of accomplishing those. To have the endurance that these seamen had on their journey would be incredible to have in other real life instances. Something that I strive for is to be able to get into a good college. I want to be able to continue my education at a school that I am really interested in. I know that without drive, I would never make it anywhere in life, and this story is a great example of persistence towards an important goal. The struggle in The Loved One is similar to the type of conflict in Washington Square by Henry James. Dennis tries so desperately to impress Aimee, while Catherine is set on pleasing her father. Catherine wants her fathers approval so badly that she loses the one she truly loves because of it. She felt that having her fathers approval was more important than being happy and being with the person she loved. Endurance can be related to The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. The voyage in Endurance, whether aspects of it be good or bad, ultimately it was an adventure. An adventure in which everyone involved would be forced to remember for the remainder of their lives. It will forever be a story to be told to anyone who will listen. One of the characters in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter longs to have an adventure like the one in Endurance. She goes out looking for something that might spice up her

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