Summary of 12 Angry Men Essay

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This report is on a movie called, “12 Angry Men.” The movie is about 12 men that are the jury for a case where a young man is being accused of killing his father. A major conflict that is very obvious is the disagreement on whether the young boy was guilty or innocent. After court when all of the men sat down to begin their discussion Courtney B. Vance (#1) Took charge and respectfully was now the leader. He asked what everyone’s votes were and all of the men except for Jack Lemmon (#8) voted the young man was guilty. Because Jack was the odd one that chose differently than the rest of the men, all of the other Jures, were defensive about the evidence just because they were all so confused. Courtney B. Vance took charge once again …show more content…
He makes this very personal for him and does everything he can to convince the other men that, this kid is guilty. Armin Muller-Stahl (#4) was very educated and always knew what he was talking about! He was continually bringing up more evidence that which lead to more conflicts. He was judgmental and said, “ people who grew up in slums [which this young man did] are trash. Which leads to why Dorian Harewood (#5) was such an easily offended character. After Armin said what he did Dorian understood the kid more and began to see that he was not guilty so he changed his vote. (#6) was James Gundolfini he brought up a lot of information but mainly just didn’t understand at teat point how the kid could be anything but guilty. Now Tony Danza (#7) was a real character. He was very disrespectful and didn’t care that the boy, maybe didn’t do it, he just wanted to get an agreement so that he wouldn’t miss his baseball game. Once he had missed his game, he became more understanding; as if he was two completely different people. Jack Lemmon (#8) was the most compassionate and brave to me. He stayed strong to his beliefs and evidence while everyone was rude to him and tried everything to prove him wrong. He didn’t care what the other men’s opinions were he just wanted to make sure that this young boy wasn’t accused of killing his father if it wasn't the truth. The “old man” of the group was Hume Cronyn (#9) at the beginning he

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