Subculture of Violence Theory in Today’s Society Essay

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Subculture of Violence Theory in Today’s Society
Gang activity and gang violence is a growing concern in the United States today. It is estimated that there are approximately 760,000 gang members and over 24,000 active gangs in various jurisdictions within the United States (World Vision, 2011). It is also estimated that 155 children are arrested for his or her participation in violent crimes every year and that most of this violence is directly related to gangs and gang activity (World Vision, 2011). In order to address this growing epidemic, those working in the field of criminal justice have turned to existing sociological theories. One theory that may be instrumental in addressing the problems associated with gang
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151). Upon conclusion of their study, Wolfgang & Ferracuti (1967) not only accepted this hypothesis, but they also determined that individuals living within these environments were more susceptible to violence and deviant behavior from exposure to his or her immediate environment and the general acceptance of these actions and behaviors within his or her environment. Several claims were also established within the Subculture of Violence Theory that was created by Wolfgang & Ferracuti (1967). Not only did the researchers claim that violent behavior is necessary for survival in subcultures that contain a high degree of violence and deviancy, they also claimed that individuals living in these environments would be forced to carry weapons for protection and survival (Wolfgang & Ferracuti, 1967). In turn, these protective activities become symbolic of the willingness to participate in violence and the acceptance of violence within a subculture or environment (Wolfgang & Ferracuti, 1967). Additionally, Wolfgang & Ferracuti (1967) claimed that in violent subcultures and environments, non-violence would be considered to be a counter-norm. As a result of this, individuals adopting a lifestyle of non-violence would

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