Essay about Stuttering Will Not Crush My Dreams

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Today is the day of the oral report. Everyone in class has already made their presentation, so I no longer have an excuse for not sharing my material. I slowly raise my hand after the teacher asks if anyone else needs to do the oral. As I scoot the chair back to stand up, my ears begin to turn red hot. My uneasiness only gets worse when I sluggishly walk down the aisle towards the awaiting podium and start sweating on my hands and forehead. As I look up from the podium, I am startled by the forty pairs of unwavering eyes glaring at me, awaiting to be engrossed by my brilliance.

I find myself having difficulty breathing, almost as if I have forgotten how to. I wipe the sweat off my brow, grab my index cards tightly, and open my mouth
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However, since I discovered that I had a speech impediment nine years ago, I have learned to accept it as a part of me.

I first realized I was different when I was in the fifth grade. While the thirty-four other students in my class could speak aloud in class without any trouble, I was not as fortunate. I noticed that sometimes when I spoke, I would suddenly get stuck on a word that I could not say. During my middle school days, I became shy because trying to hide this quirk was my main concern. The childhood teasing proved to be a traumatic experience. So much so, that if I could avoid speaking in class, I would. I did not want to subject myself to a class full of students laughing at me.

I got very frustrated and had very low self- esteem. I was so upset at my lack of fluency in speech that I thought something was seriously wrong with me. I remember thinking that, if I were ever granted one wish, I would not wish to be the richest person in the world or to be the smartest person in the world, but rather that I could speak fluently without any stuttering problem. But no matter how much I wished, it did not come true. Instead, the one thing that kept me motivated was my high grades. I was always among the top students in my class. However, even my grades could not compare to the moral support I got from my

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