Students Need a Multicultural Classroom Essay

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Students Need a Multicultural Classroom

I can identify with the multicultural concept of the classroom because I am African American, a woman, and a soon to be a teacher. This subject is one that is of extreme importance. The multicultural classroom is a learning environment that should be most effective because of the simple fact that it should encompass everyone. As a future teacher one of my goals for my classroom is to make it as diverse as possible. Not only because it should be a standard operating procedure, but because I feel students will be able to learn more effectively in an environment where they feel that their heritage is included.

The definition of multiculturalism in Webster's Dictionary is "the
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As teachers, we train students for the "real world"; we train them to be able to function in society. If this is true, then the classroom should be as close to that setting as possible.

As a student in junior high and high school, I was taught that the United States is a melting pot, meaning that many different groups of people live here and together we all form one large culture. The ideal behind this concept was that groups of people would adapt to society and submerge into the mainstream culture. Was our society ever truly a melting pot? The answer is no. Hence, today in the United States we have adopted another idea. That idea is that we are societal salad. This means that though we all live in one place in one area, we still maintain our cultural identities to some extent. I feel this is positive because one's personal identity is important if one is to know who he or she is. That is why the multicultural classroom is so important. "Education became a central focus of the Civil Right Movement. If blacks and Latinos were to have an equal opportunity in politics and employment, then they had to be afforded an equal education. But the schools were literally failing Latino and African American students"(Menkart, 2). The Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and the 1960's pushed the United States in new and improved directions. This movement caused people to look at society address and rectify the issue

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